Veselka is an idyllic vacation cottage situated on a bluff at the northern end of Double Bay, Eleuthera, Bahamas. The name Veselka means "rainbow" which reflects the bright colours you will find in Eleuthera. If you want a vacation home with fabulous ocean views from every room and the ability to walk directly from the deck to the beach, Veselka is the place for you.

It is an eco-friendly house. Although it is new, the house is nestled right in amongst palmettos (some very old), one of which is part of the wrap-around deck, and every attempt was made to minimize the disturbance to the surrounding vegetation and wildlife. Indeed the path leading up to the house is a firm sand road. Although connected to the main grid, the house has solar panels with a back-up battery system. The water supply is from a large rainwater cistern which is part of the basement. Water is a precious commodity on the island.

The beach in front of the house is one of the best in Eleuthera. The sand is very fine in texture and has a pink shade to it. Depending on the wind and currents, the sand can shift around sometimes exposing a rocky ledge in front and to the left. If you have small children, this is actually a benefit since the ledge acts as a natural pond allowing toddlers to explore in safety. If you walk about 200 feet south along the beach there is always a sandy access to the sea.

The coral is quite good, even close in, and we recommend that you bring your own snorkeling equipment. The walks along the beach south to Double Bay and north up to Palmetto Point are lovely, especially in the morning and evening when it is a bit cooler. Look for frigate birds in the evening - they look like miniature pterodactyls.

Eleuthera is a sparsely populated tropical island. In my opinion it is has currently achieved the perfect vacation balance; on the one hand it is generally an unspoiled natural paradise, and yet on the other has just enough development and infrastructure to allow a comfortable existence. I hope it stays that way.

There are many things to do on Eleuthera depending on your mood. A car will allow to explore the island and go to places such as Spanish Wells right up north, or Rock Sound further down south. You can drop in on many beaches along the way such as Jack's Bay where if you are lucky you may find turtles. Other bays (almost always empty) may surprise you with dolphins - don't forget to take your snorkeling gear with you!

The house has an open floor plan that is airy and takes advantage of the sea views. There is an unconverted attic area that has been largely left open so as to maximise the effect of cooling breezes.